Frequently-asked questions


1. Can I work with an illustrator or photographer?

Yes, but we can only award the prize to the natural or legal person who has registered for the competition. You must have full copyright permission for all images used in your entries and you must include the name of the original author on the back cover (for the layout category) for any image produced by a third party. For example: "cover photograph by Palamède de Guermantes".

2. Are there any restrictions on the fonts allowed for the logo or layout of the Bulletin Marcel Proust ?

Copyright laws apply to your submissions and it is your sole responsibility to ensure that you have the necessary permissions to use fonts in your work.
For the "logo" category of the competition, since your proposals must be fully converted into curves and outlines, they will not be expected to contain fonts, so the question of any user licences that may be attached to them will not arise.
For the "layout" category of the competition, your entries must contain royalty-free fonts.

3. Is it necessary to have read the work of Marcel Proust ?

Not to participate in the competition. But for life in general, we highly recommend it.

4. Can I compete in both categories: logo and layout?

Yes, the two categories of the competition are independent of each other.

5. How can I familiarise myself with the contents of the Bulletin Marcel Proust?

The paper version of the latest issues of the periodical is available for sale on the website of the association's online shop or directly from the Maison de Tante Léonie - Musée Marcel Proust in Illiers-Combray (Eure-et-Loir).

Since July 2019, thanks to a partnership with the BNF, older issues of the BMP have been available free of charge on the Gallica website.
Click here for issues from 1950 to 1992 ;
Click here for issues from 1993 to 2015.

6. I wish to compete in both categories of the competition and will therefore propose a logo and a layout. Can I integrate the logo into the layout?

You can. However, we advise you to design your layout in such a way that your logo can be replaced by another one, without distorting your proposal too much, to prevent the situation where your layout were to be designated the winner, without your logo being so.

7. Is it possible to submit several proposals for logos or layouts?

You can. In this case, be sure to distinguish between each proposal, for example by giving them a separate name. You will integrate your different proposals into a single archive file: all your proposals will thus be contained in your submission.

8a. I realised I made a mistake after submitting my entries on the competition website: Can I correct it?
8b. I have a new version of my proposal to submit to you: can I do it? If so, will you still take my old proposal into account?

As long as you submit your entries within the timeframe set by the competition rules, you can submit your proposals as many times as you wish: only the last submission will be taken into account.

9. We are a group of people who wish to participate in the competition. Can we do so?

If your group of people is not organised as a legal entity (private- or public-law company, association, etc.), you can still participate as a natural person, but in this case only one of you will enter the competition and represent the group in one's own name vis-à-vis the competition organisers. In the event that you win the competition, the person who has registered for the competition will receive the full prize. He or she alone will be responsible for and decide whether or not to redistribute it to the members of your group.

10. If I am a finalist, will I be aware of the feedback that the jury will communicate to the other participants?

Any general comments that the jury may have on the preliminary versions of the proposals will be communicated to all finalists by e-mail. They will also be consolidated onto this very webpage. However, specific comments on the proposals will only be communicated to the finalists involved.

11. Will there be an award ceremony, and if so, will it be compulsory for the winners to attend?

At the time of this writing, the principle of an award ceremony has not been decided. However, it is indeed possible that the association will organise an award ceremony. In this case, the participation of the winners would naturally be appreciated, but would not be obligatory.