Who are we?


The Société des amis de Marcel Proust et des Amis de Combray, created in 1947, aims to bring together Proust's readers and promote his work. It is a literary and cultural association, considered to be of public interest since 1955, with the specificity of counting among its members both amateurs (lovers of literature, literary figures, etc.) and professionals (academics, specialists, etc.). It is also an association of friends of the House of Aunt Léonie, who wish to support the opening of this museum dedicated to Marcel Proust and to participate in the enrichment of its collections.

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Musée Marcel Proust - House of Aunt Léonie

Aunt Léonie's house, in Illiers-Combray, is the headquarters of the association, which has been classified as a historical monument since 1961. It is in this house, which belonged to his uncle Jules Amiot, that the young Marcel Proust, as a child, spent several of his Easter holidays between 1877 and 1880. Thanks to the support of its members and patrons, the SAMP opened this house to the public, transformed into the Marcel Proust Museum - Aunt Léonie's House, where temporary exhibitions are organised (for example, in co-production with the Gallimard publishing house and the Eure-et-Loir department, "Marcel Proust, prix Goncourt 1919").

Guided tours are organised throughout the museum's opening period, from 15 January to 15 December each year. More information is available by clicking on this link.

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 Proustian news

The association reports very regularly on Proustian news through various channels:


 The Bulletin Marcel Proust

Every year since 1950, the association has published the Bulltin Marcel Proust, also known by the acronym BMP, which lists:

  • previously unpublished works by Marcel Proust.;
  • articles and book reviews on Marcel Proust and his work;
  • a summary of current events of the past year;
  • the minutes of the association's general meeting.

Back issues are available for consultation on Gallica.fr, while recent issues are available for sale on la boutique de l'association.
For more information on the newsletter, click here.

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The société des amis de Marcel Proust et des amis de Combray pursues an active policy of acquiring documents directly or indirectly associated with the work and life of Marcel Proust. This initiative is only possible thanks to the generosity of patrons and the support of the State.

The brochure reporting on the association's latest acquisitions is available for consultation, by clicking this link.

For more information on the association's acquisitions, click this link.

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Hawthorn Day

A traditional event of the association, the hawthorn day is held every year on a Saturday in May in Illliers-Combray.
The highlight of the day is always a visit to the hawthorn hedge that inspired Marcel Proust in Du Côté de chez Swann.Usually a lecture is held in the morning at the Aunt Leonie Museum, followed by lunch in a nearby restaurant. A short bus tour of various local Proustian places follows in the afternoon, often punctuated by readings of Marcel Proust's work by a professional actor or actress.

Pictures of the hawthorn day 2018 are available by clicking this link.

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Amiens s

Exhibitions, Visits, Events, etc.

The association regularly organises cultural outings related to the work of Marcel Proust and the world of the Belle-Epoque or the immediate post-war period.

Examples of recent events:

  • Visit of Amiens Cathedral (some photos available by clicking this link) ;
  • Stay in Cabourg (some pictures available by clicking this link) ;
  • Private visits of the exhibition of the painter La Gandara at the Lambinet museum in Versailles ;
  • Private visit of the exhibition Versailles Revival at the Château de Versailles ;
  • Prize-giving ceremony of the Proustian Pastiches Competition ;
  • Autumn day of the association in Illiers-Combray ;
  • Visit of the exhibition Reynaldo Hahn, la musique retrouvée at Vichy