The competition


Purpose of the competition

The Société des amis de Marcel Proust et des amis de Combray ("SAMP") has decided to organize this competition, in order to create and choose:

  • the logo of the association ;
  • the layout of its periodical, the Bulletin Marcel Proust.

This competition is free and open to any legal person, and anyone who is least 18 years of age on April 11th 2021, excluding members of the SAMP's Board of Directors. Entries will be evaluated by a jury consisting of SAMP members.

Throughout the website of the design competition, the terms "participant", "finalist" and "laureate" refer to persons, without any presupposition of gender.

Two categories of entries

Each participant is free to compete in one or both categories.

Two selection stages

competition calendar

  • The first stage will enable the jury to select the competition finalists. This selection will be based on a portfolio submitted by each participant which, through a presentation of works already completed, will highlight his or her skills. These works may or may not have been published. They may be final works or simple sketches, the primary objective being to enable the competition jury to assess the participant's skills in the chosen categories of participation. For each of the two competition categories, the jury will select at most four finalists.
    Entries must be submitted before January 17th 2021 at 23:59, Paris time. Registration will be closed after this date.
    All participants will be informed of the results of this first selection stage by email on January 31st 2021.

    There will be no remuneration at this stage.

  • The second selection stage will allow the four finalists nominated for each category of the competition to develop their proposals.
    A preliminary version of the proposals will be submitted by the finalists to the competition jury, which will be asked to provide feedback for improvement or further development.

    Feedback of a general nature will be shared with all finalists; feedback specific to proposals will only be given to the finalists concerned. The jury will comment only once on the preliminary proposals and their comments will be communicated to the finalists by email. All the general feedback will also be consolidated on the FAQ. There will be no direct communication between the finalists and the jury prior to the announcement of the winners.

    On the basis of the jury's feedback, the finalists will be asked to submit their final proposals, among which the members of the jury will then designate the winners.

    Preliminary versions of the proposals must be submitted by the finalists no later than February 28th 2021 at 23:59, Paris time.
    The jury will share its remarks on March 14th 2021.
    The final versions of the proposals must be submitted by the finalists no later than March 28th 2021 at 23:59, Paris time.
    The winners of the competition will be announced on April 11th 2021.

    Each finalist will be paid according to the scale of prizes specified below.


  • Category "Logo of the association"
    Each non-winning finalist will receive 250€ ;
    The laureate will receive 1 500€.

  • Category "Layout of the Bulletin Marcel Proust"
    Each non-winning finalist will receive 250€ ;
    The laureate will receive 1 000€.

Summary of key dates

December 7th 2020 : official opening of the competition ;
January 17th 2021 : 1st stage: registration deadline (submission of portfolios);
January 31st 2021 : 1st stage: announcement of finalists;
February 28th 2021 : 2nd stage: deadline for submission of proposals (drafts);
March 14th 2021 : 2nd stage: communication of jury feedback to the finalists;
March 28th 2021 : 2nd stage: deadline for submission of proposals (final versions);
April 11th 2021 : 2nd stage: announcement of the laureates of the competition ;

The association may organize an award ceremony following the announcement of the results.

Registration for the competition is accomplished online by filling out this form and requires acceptance of its rules.